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Uganda by Alessandro Cinque
In Rushere and its surroundings, if you are Italian, then you are automatically a friend of Father Paolino. In this poor region of Western Uganda the Comboni missionary is more than just a reference point

L'Aquila 2017 by Serena Vittorini
In 2009, L'Aquila was the epicenter of a destructive earthquake that has reset the economic and social network of the territory. The Old Town has almost been grounded and eight years after the earthquake there are few spaces that have revised the light

Fallen by Alessandro Barcella
26 years ago tens of thousands of Albanian citizens landed on the Apulian coast, fleeing from a collapsing country. Today Albania is the land of passage of other refugees and questions about its future, between the nostalgia of a glorious and distant past, a recovery economy but still fragile and the hope of being accepted in Europe

Back to Sibillini by Various authors
Five photographers tell the stories of those who did not want to surrender to the earthquake before and to the bureaucracy then for the love of this beautiful land made of mountains and unspoiled hills and scattered with great and small treasures to see or to enjoy

Bataclan by Angelo Ferrillo
November 13, 2015: Paris is under attack. 130 victims. 130 lives ended in 258 minutes. By one year from those minutes of darkness, blood pulsates again in the heart of France

Rumon by Simone Crescenzo
The Tevere is full of life and stories, and yet for many years, it has been neglected by the inhabitants of Rome. Along its shores, women and men work, have fun, and survive. At the water level, a new and unedited image of Rome arises

No promised land by Andrea Ferro
"Sitting on the floor beside him, I listen K telling of himself. The room is large, quiet and with large windows overlooking the mountain landscape. A few guys sitting here and there. Who deep in thought, who concentrated on the screen of his phone. And I once again asking: what right do I have to be here? Who am I to them? What is really my role in all this?"

(Di)Rooms by Max Cavallari
A photographic project that aims at overcoming physical distances, telling stories of Italians expatriates and their families -still in the Bel Paese- trough a series of portrait 2.0 taken while they were connected online

Bologna wa(l)king by Valeria Altavilla
The Bologna Wa(l)king project is born from a vision of photography as a tool to look at society transversally: a society that crumbles into the general indifference but offers new motives of amazement


In Belgrade’s migrant hell

by Marco Sconocchia

Temperatures far below the zero and abandoned places, near Belgrade’s station. In this scenario, migrants have been halted at the gate of a dreamed Europe that instead is showing an increasingly rigid borders

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Paolo VI

by Maurizio Greco

Fifty years have passed after the inauguration of the first houses, "Zone smear-Houses Italsider", so he had been baptized then. Over time the district has grown, changed, not only in name

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Yo soy Fidel

by Aldo Feroce

November 30, 2016, the ashes of “el Comandante” leave for Santiago de Cuba, tracing back the same route that in January 1959 Fidel Castro carried out, just a few days before triumph of revolution, to reach Havana

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Mira, Havana

by Aun Raza

This bitter-sweet series captures Havana in a state of flux as the country reaches closer to foreign influences and investments. Nevertheless, this lure of thrilling economic growth is still unreachable for most of its inhabitants

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by Walter Borghisani

Grodno is on the border between Poland and Germany. I had the chance, intrigued, of going to Grodno in July 2016, in an area of the Soviet period now used as a luxury holiday colony and in which I was the first Italian to enter

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The shadow line

by Dario Picardi

I get away, I run, I go. I greet everybody and go. Where? Alone? With whome? Which faces I will meet on the way? It will be cold, it will be hot? There will be the sea or the countryside? Too many questions. If don’t start now, without thinking about it, maybe I will not ever again

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One and Three, one family and autism

by Daniela Sala

Alessandra lives in a small apartment in Torrevecchia, in the outskirts of Rome. She has two kids: Giuseppe, thirteen years old, and Giulia, fifteen years old. Giulia started attending the advertising and graphic high school, but she changed to the social-medical address. She is not very happy to speak about her brother outside home

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Journey to Masai Land

by Andrea Calandra

Andrea Calandra’s photography takes us through a journey in the Rombo Manyatta Masaai community in Kenya, where the pride for traditions lives together with new style of lives and western habits. A changing place, where the future is particularly uncertain

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Les Dogon, the cliff people

by Massimo Allegro

Mali. A sandy plain, full of baobabs, surrounded by the red desert overlooking Burkina Faso and the rocky walls of a gigantic cliff that extends for over three hundred kilometres: this is where the Dogon live, people of farmers arrived here in 1230 a.C

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Witness Journal
Registrazione Tribunale di Milano
n. 257 del 16.04.2007

Editor in chief - Amedeo Novelli
Executive editor - Matilde Castagna
Photo editor - Giulio Di Meo

Editorial staff
Davide Barbera, Cosimo Calabrese, Valeria Ferraro, Simone Luchessa, Andrea Mancuso, Veronica Molese, Michela Morelli, Antonio Oleari, Laura Pezzenati

Publisher - Witness Journal APS
Provider - KOLST

Witness Journal comes from the experience of a journalists and photographers’ team, joined together in order to create a different and innovative project in the information system. Far from the standard business model, Witness proposes a different approach to information, according to many different points of view. It's a free, online monthly photo-magazine developed by an editorial staff and thanks to the contribute of professionist journalist and photographers, as well as citizen journalists.
Distributed for free via the Internet, Witness Journal tells small and big Italian and international stories through images by professional photographers and amateurs. Firmly open to the contributions of anyone, Witness offers to the authors a journalistic limelight where they have the chance to express their skills and to promote their works. At the same time we offer to our readers a different kind of information in compliance with many different aspects. First, we consider images, and not words, all-important. The stories told by Witness Journal are reported exclusively on the base of facts, that is pictures. The articles – written by the photographers in cooperation with the editorial staff – add extra information to the context Witness’ editorial line tends to give voice to events and local stories and above all to what we can hardly find on main stream information. Thanks to the net we get in touch with a network of co-workers on the whole Italian territory. A network of professionists and amateurs who have the chance to speak out, thanks to the digital world and to Web 2.0 phenomenon. Witness Journal wants you to listen to their voices.

How to get involved
In order to submit your reportage proposal you just need to send an e-mail with 2 pictures and a short story description to:Witness Journal

Each submission must meet the following requirements:
a) the artwork’s originality
b) the legal ownership of the royalties and any other right
c) the realeses from people appearing in the photographs

The author, sending his photographs, takes all the responsibilities concerning the conformity of his work with the requirements above and hereby the editor excludes any responsibility about it, for the received pictures.

Each submitted project must consist in:
1) at least 20 photographs (1600@72dpi)
2) a short text no longer than 3.000 keystrokes (texts must give the reader the facts contest).